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Laser Cleaning Machine / Laser Rust Removal

Laser cleaning is a new process that has a good effect on metal surface treatment. In terms of efficiency, the clean laser machine can also meet 80% of the factory’s requirements. In fact, professional laser rust removal is suitable for various industries such as automotive, mold, aerospace, etc. HantenCNC is a professional laser cleaning machine manufacturer.

Laser rust removal machine has many advantages:

  • The laser rust removal tool enables precise cleaning, including location and size.
  • The clean laser machine does not require any cleaning fluid, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The handheld laser rust remover is easy to operate and can realize automatic cleaning.
  • The laser cleaning tool has high cleaning efficiency and saves time.

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FAQs About Laser Rust Removal Tool

  • How to confirm the laser rust remover cleaning effect?

Please tell us your needs, we can test the materials you need for laser cleaning and dusting. In order to allow you to observe the cleaning effect of the cleaning laser machine more directly, we can send you a test video or connect to a video call.

  • Is there any damage to the cleaning material?

Depending on what type you need. The pulse type has a finer cleaning effect. The continuous type has a faster cleaning speed. Laser cleaning is for substrate damage. Pulsed laser cleaners are smaller than continuous laser cleaners.

  • Is the clean laser machine possible to clean the mold?

Yes. The pulse laser rust removal machine professionally cleans the mold. The material will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

  • This is the first time I to buy a handheld laser rust remover, which model is suitable for me?

Talk to our sales manager about your needs. Such as materials that are dusted with lasers, the thickness of the material and the cleaning area etc. Our sales manager recommends the most suitable laser rust machine for you.

  • What is the speed of the HANTENCNC fiber laser cleaning machine?

The cleaning speed of the cleaning laser machine is determined by different laser types. The cleaning speed is in the range of 0.5m2/h-15m2/h.

  • How can I be sure this machine is right for me?

You can send the samples to us by express. We will do the test on your samples. Record test results and send you pictures and videos.

  • What should I do if I receive a cleaning laser machine that cannot be used?

As a professional laser cleaning machine supplier, we will send you the operation video and product manual of the laser rust removal. Our engineers can train online. If possible, our engineers go to your place for training, or you can also come to our factory for study.