Decryption pulse laser cleaning machine-hantencnc pulse laser cleaning machine

As the laser industry continues to develop, we at hantencnc are also constantly innovating and developing. With the continuous updating of cleaning methods. Laser cleaning has gradually become a major development trend. hantencnc also firmly grasped the opportunity. Many people have heard of laser cleaning, but they don’t know much about the concept of pulse…

What is Laser Marking

What Is Laser Marking

Laser marking is a high-precision, high-efficiency technology. It has been widely used in various fields. Laser marking can mark various materials permanently and achieve precise pattern, text, and barcode identification. This is important in improving product quality, safety, and brand recognition. This article will explore the principles, application areas, and future laser marking technology development…

Lithium battery laser welding machine

With the continuous development of modern technology. Lithium battery has gradually become one of the representatives of new energy. It is increasingly widely used in various fields. In the production process of lithium batteries. Laser welding technology has become an essential link. Lithium battery laser welding machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and precision….

Laser Marking vs. Laser Engraving

Laser Marker machien

Laser technology has become a widespread method for creating durable marks or patterns on materials. In this field, laser marking and laser engraving are two common methods. They play an important role in many different applications. For industrial manufacturing or personal customization, laser marking and engraving provide precise, efficient, and durable marking solutions. Both techniques…

What is laser welding?

Before learning more about laser welding. Let’s first understand some of its basic principles. Laser welding is a method that uses a laser as a heat source. Melts part or the entire cross-section of a workpiece. And solidify under certain conditions to form an organic welding method. The principle is to use the laser beam…

How to Choose A Fiber Laser Machine

Fiber Laser Machine

Laser technology is playing an increasingly important role in modern society. As an important application of laser technology, fiber laser plays a key role in communication, medical treatment, and industrial manufacturing. There are many different types of fiber lasers on the market. Choosing a product that suits their needs has become a headache for many….

Top 10 Best Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers in The World

laser marker machine

In modern industrial manufacturing, laser engraving has become a vital technology. Laser marker machines are key in metal processing, plastic manufacturing, medical devices, and electronics industries. Choosing a reliable laser marking machine manufacturer is essential for the best engraving results and quality. This article will introduce the world’s top ten best laser marking machine manufacturers….

500W Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

The 500-watt handheld laser cleaning machine is the latest laser cleaning tool launched by HANTENCNC. Hereinafter referred to as HTCM-500. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the advantages of HTCM-500 are very obvious. Will be mentioned below. HTCM-500 is widely used in various industries. It has the characteristics of precise positioning, so it can meet the…

Do you really understand laser marking machines?

In the mid-18th century, Western countries took the lead in starting the first industrial revolution. Since then, mankind has entered a new industrial age. With the development of the times, the application of science and technology rises. In order to meet the needs of production, human beings have gradually transformed from manual carving to industrialized…