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MOPA laser marking machines Manufacturer

MOPA laser marking machines can achieve finer marking results. This is especially true in applications requiring delicate patterns or high precision. Such as metal surface color marking, mobile phone case back shells blackening, white plastic blackening, HDM black plastic whitening, thin plate de-layering, anodized aluminum blackening, etc.

MOPA laser markers can make fine, clear, durable, and permanent marks by removing surface layers or layers without damaging the underlying material.

MOPA Laser Marking Machine Applications & Videos

MOPA Laser Marking Machines for Color Marking on Metals

HANTENCNC's MOPA laser marking machines are widely used for creating high-definition color markings, such as logos, text, or patterns, on various metal surfaces without damaging the metal's surface. 

By adjusting laser parameters such as pulse width and frequency, MOPA laser marking machines can create different colored marks on metal surfaces. These include black, white, blue, and more.

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MOPA Laser Marking Machines for White Marking on Anodized Aluminum

MOPA laser markers are specifically designed for white marking on anodized aluminum surfaces. They have the advantages of high-quality white marking, excellent readability, durability, and high-speed marking capabilities. The white marks produced by MOPA lasers are highly resistant to fading, scratching, and other forms of damage.

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MOPA Laser Marker Machines for Black Marking on Anodized Aluminum

MOPA laser marking machines offer a comprehensive solution for black marking on anodized aluminum surfaces. They combine high-quality results, durability, readability, and high-speed marking capabilities. These marks are precise, clear, and visually appealing.

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MOPA Laser Marking Machines for Marking Mobile Phone Cases

MOPA laser marking machines are an excellent choice for marking mobile phone cases due to their precision, versatility, and efficiency.

MOPA laser markers can create intricate designs, logos, serial numbers, and other markings on mobile phone cases with exceptional precision. This ensures that the markings are sharp, clear, and aesthetically pleasing.

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FAQs About MOPA Marking Laser Machines

The marking effect of the fiber laser marker machine is usually apparent and acceptable. The marking speed is fast. It can achieve high-contrast, high-resolution text, graphics, patterns, and other marks.

Maintenance of the laser fiber marking machine includes:

  • Regular cleaning of lenses and lenses.
  • Checking optical path alignment.
  • Ensuring that the cooling system usually operates.

When using fiber laser marking machines, you need to pay attention to the safety of laser radiation. Operators need to use appropriate protective measures, such as wearing safety glasses. This is to protect the safety of users.

The marking speed of fiber laser markers is faster. It depends on the complexity of the marked content and the characteristics of the material. It can achieve high-efficiency mass production.

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