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CO2 Laser Marking Machine

HANTENCNC is a professional CO2 laser marking machine manufacturer located in China. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality laser marking solutions. We have advanced technology and rich experience delivering customized laser marking equipment to customers in various industries.

In addition to providing high-quality products, we are committed to providing customers with a full range of pre-sales consultation and after-sales services. We can ensure they get the best experience and value when using our devices. HANTENCNC offers reliable products and professional support to make your business more successful.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines Applications & Videos

CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Gift Boxes

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser markers for gift boxes are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality components. Our advanced technology ensures precision engraving of designs, logos, and text onto gift boxes. They can meet the diverse marking needs of customers.

With CO2 laser marking, you can get durable and precise engraving results.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Woods

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser marking machines permanently mark designs, logos, and text on wooden surfaces with high precision and speed.

Whether it's custom furniture, wood gifts, or crafts, our marking technology can meet your needs.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Leather

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser marking machines for leather are environmentally friendly and efficient. With CO2 laser marking, logos, text, patterns, or other designs can be accurately engraved on the surface of the leather without damaging it.

Our CO2 laser marking machines have a wide range of applications in leather marking. These include leather bags, belts, footwear, clothing, and other leather products.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Plastics

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser marking machines can achieve very accurate marking, which can be used to fine-mark plastic. With CO2 laser marking machines, users can customize patterns, logos, text, and more for plastics.

CO2 laser marking machines offer versatile solutions for marking plastics in industries such as packaging, electronics manufacturing, customized plastic products, and craftsmanship.

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FAQs About CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine has the advantages of high speed, high precision, non-contact, and low cost. It can perform precise markings on various non-metallic materials. It also enables efficient production.

CO2 laser markers are widely used in wood processing, rubber processing, plastic processing, leather processing, glass processing, paper processing, ceramic processing, and other fields. It is also used in medical devices, food packaging, beverage packaging, sign manufacturing, and other industries.

The maintenance and upkeep of CO2 laser marking machines include regular lens cleaning, lens adjustment, laser tube inspection, cooling system inspection, and optical system inspection. Regular maintenance ensures the stability and performance of your equipment.

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