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Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cut machines can meet diverse processing needs. Laser cutting is the replacement of traditional mechanical knives with invisible beams. With the movement of the beam and the position of the workpiece, the material will eventually form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. So what are the uses of laser cut machines?
Sheet metal processing industry.

  • Car.
  • Advertising industry.
  • Kitchen industry.
  • Laser vaporization cutting.
  • Fitness Equipment.

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FAQs About Laser Cutting Machines

  • How much power does a fiber laser cuter consume?


  • How much does the laser cut machine laser attenuate every year?

Laser cutting machine laser attenuation in 2-5%. Decay in the first year, and it will not decay again. Lasers leave the factory with tens of watts more power. After attenuation, it is the reported power number.

  • Is there a tutorial on how to use the machine?

We will provide a product instruction manual when our machines are shipped. We also have professional machine training videos; engineers can guide you online.

  • Will the material deform after laser cutting?

HANTENCNC cutting laser machine has high precision, fast speed, small thermal deformation, and a flexible process. You can tell us your material and thickness. We will do a cutting test so that you can better observe the cutting effect.

  • Can a laser cut machine customize my LOGO?

Of course can. We will customize the exclusive LOGO for you are free of charge according to your needs.