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Laser marking machines use a focused laser beam to mark the surface of the material permanently; laser markers can change the material’s colour through processes such as ablation, chemical alternation, foaming, melting, etc. They are widely used in marking paint, spray coating and oxide layers, especially for laserable materials.

HANTENCNC’s laser marking machines can adjust laser parameters according to different materials, ensuring high-quality, efficient marking. The advantages of HANTENCNC’s laser markers include no consumables, no pollution, no heat effects and no material burning issues.

HANTENCNC is a professional China laser marking machine manufacturer with 19 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing laser machines for marking. Now, we offer fibre laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, MOPA laser marking machines and customized laser marking machines catering to various applications.

HANTENCNC’s laser marking machines are CE and FDA-certified, and we provide a 2-year warranty for laser source, a 1-year warranty for the whole machine, free sample testing, OEM customization, remote guidance, and lifelong after-sales support. If you need a cost-effective laser marker, feel free to contact our sales team now!

Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Fiber laser marking machines are used to mark all types of metals. These include gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, ABS, and PVC plastics.

Our fiber laser marking machines are known for their no-consumables, maintenance-free operation, energy-saving, and power efficiency.

UV Laser Marking Machines

UV laser marking machines are suitable for marking various materials, such as plastic, PVC, and glass. They can perform ultra-fine marking. They are ideal for ultra-fine marking applications like 3C electronics, food packaging, wires, lamps, leather, and pharmaceutical packaging materials. Due to their precise and high-quality marking effects, they are the first choice for people with stringent requirements for laser marking.

CO2 Laser Marking Machines

CO2 laser marking machines are suitable for marking a wide range of non-metallic materials and metal products. These include leather, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, glass, ceramics, rubber, bamboo, etc.

CO2 laser marking machines are widely used in plastics, textiles, leather, woodworking, handicrafts, electronic components, glasses, printing, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, automobile filters, and other non-metallic industries.

MOPA Laser Marking Machines

Due to the narrow width of the laser beam, the MOPA laser marking machine can achieve finer marking results. It is especially in applications requiring delicate patterns or high precision, such as metal surface color marking, mobile phone case back shells blackening, white plastic blackening, HDM black plastic whitening, thin plate de-layering, and anodized aluminum blackening.

MOPA laser markers can make fine, clear, durable, and permanent marks by removing surface layers or layers without damaging the underlying material.

Difference Between These Four Marking Laser Machines

Laser Source
Applicable Materials
Application Areas
Fiber Laser Marking Machines
Fibre laser
All metallic materials and some non-metallic materials (metals, plastics, ceramics, glass).
Auto parts, electronic products, tools, jewelry, and other industries.
UV Laser Marking Machines
Ultraviolet laser
Sensitive to UV light, such as leather, plastics, and glass.
Medical devices, electronic chips, and precision instruments.
CO2 Laser Marking Machines
CO2 laser tube
Non-metallic materials (paper, wood, cloth) and some metal materials
Paper products, wood products, and leather products.
Mopa Laser Marking Machines
MOPA laser
Plastics, ceramics, metals
Have high requirements for color, contrast, details, etc.

Why Choose HANTENCNC As Your China Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer?

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Technical Expertise

As a professional laser marking machine supplier, HANTENCNC has deep technical expertise and experience in laser marking systems. HANTENCNC can design and manufacture high-quality laser marking equipment. Our team consists of experienced engineers and technicians. They are all familiar with laser technology and associated marking applications.

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Market Reputation And Credibility

HANTENCNC has a good reputation in the laser marking industry. It will be an advantage for us. We have established long-term cooperative relationships with many customers. They recognized us very well and were willing to work with us again.

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Excellent Quality and Performance

We own our laser marking machine factory, we focus on product quality and performance. Our laser markers uses high-quality components and materials. They are tested and verified through a rigorous quality control process. They have efficient marking capabilities, stable performance, and reliable operation.

Diverse Applications

As a leading professional laser marking machine manufacturer based in China, HANTENCNC offers a comprehensive product line designed to meet the diverse needs of customers of all sizes. Our range of marking laser machines comes in various models and configurations, ensuring that we can cater to a wide range of requirements.

Laser Marking Machine Applications & Videos

Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Deep Engraving

Fiber Laser Marking Machine excels in deep engraving applications, offering precision and versatility for a wide range of materials. With its advanced technology, it enables intricate and durable markings, perfect for deep engraving tasks such as serial numbers, logos, or intricate designs on various surfaces. Whether for industrial parts marking, artistic creations, or personalized gifts, our fiber laser markers for deep engraving delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Deep and Surface Etching

Our Fiber Laser Marking Machines ensure precise and permanent markings for both deep and surface etching applications on metals, plastics and ceramics.

Because the non-contact marking process minimizes material distortion, fiber laser marking is a perfect solution for delicate surfaces and various deep and surface etching applications.

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Ring Engraving

HANTENCNC is a leading supplier of professional fiber laser marking machines. Our specialized fiber laser marking machines for ring engraving are fully customizable to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

We offer customized fiber laser marking equipment tailored to individual needs, including parameters such as workbench size, laser power, and marking speed. Our machines are designed to ensure optimal production efficiency and exceptional marking results.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Plastics

UV Laser Marking Machines are mainly used for marking plastic. UV laser markings can create long-lasting marks on plastic surfaces that are highly resistant to wear and light exposure.

UV laser marking machines can achieve high-speed processing, which is suitable for mass production requirements. They are an ideal choice for marking plastic materials.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Security Seal

Our UV Laser Marking Machines offer precise and durable marking solutions for security seals. Using advanced UV laser technology, we ensure clear and permanent markings resistant to tampering and environmental conditions. With high-speed processing capabilities, our machines are ideal for large-scale production. 

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Plastic Bottles

Using UV laser technology, UV laser marking machines are specifically designed to create precise and permanent markings on plastic bottles.

They are widely used in industries such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products for branding, identification, and traceability purposes.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Woods

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser marking machines are able to permanently mark designs, logos, and text on wooden surfaces with high precision and high speed.  

Whether it's custom furniture, wood gifts or crafts, our marking technology can meet your needs.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Leather

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser marking machines for leather are environmentally friendly and efficient. With CO2 laser marking, logos, text, patterns or other designs can be accurately engraved on the surface of the leather without damaging the surface of the leather.

Our CO2 laser marking machines have a wide range of applications in leather marking, such as leather bags, belts, footwear, clothing and other leather products.

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CO2 Laser Marking Machines for Marking Gift Boxes

HANTENCNC's CO2 laser machines for gift boxes are manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality components. Our advanced technology ensures precision engraving of designs, logos, and text onto gift boxes. They can meet the diverse marking needs of customers.
With CO2 laser marking, you can get durable and precise engraving results.


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MOPA Laser Marking Machines for Color Marking on Metals

HANTENCNC's MOPA laser marking machines are widely used for creating high-definition color markings, such as logos, text, or patterns, on various metal surfaces without damaging the metal's surface. 
By adjusting laser parameters such as pulse width and frequency, MOPA laser marking machines can create different colored marks on metal surfaces, including black, white, blue, and more.

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FAQs About Laser Marker Machines

Win7, Win10, and 32-bit/64-bit are all available.

Tell us your marking materials and requirements to our sales manager. Our sales manager will recommend you the appropriate machine according to your needs.

Support. We now have Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Persian, Russian, and Thai.

We have our laser marking machine factory. When shipping, the sales manager will inspect the machine for you and send you the inspection video. If you have special needs, you can also use online videos to let you see the effect of the machine more intuitively.

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