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UV Laser Marking Machine

As a professional UV laser marking machine supplier, HANTENCNC is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance UV laser marking solutions. HANTENCNC has an advanced technical team and production technology. We continuously introduce the latest UV laser technology and equipment. We can ensure the technological leadership of our products and the stability of our production processes.

UV Laser Marking Machines Applications & Videos

UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Plastics

UV laser marking machines are mainly used to mark plastic. UV laser markings can create long-lasting marks on plastic surfaces that are highly resistant to wear and light exposure.

UV laser markers can achieve high-speed processing and are suitable for mass production requirements. They are an ideal choice for marking plastic materials.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Glass

HANTENCNC's laser UV marking machine is highly performance, precise, and stable. The UV marking effect is precise and detailed, suitable for various precision markings and detailing.

HANTENCNC's UV laser marking machines for glass markings provide precise, durable, and efficient solutions for various glass applications.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Wood

UV laser marking machines for marking wood provide an efficient, precise, and versatile solution for marking various wood surfaces.

With advanced technology and customizable features, these UV laser markers offer durability, accuracy, and high productivity. They are ideal for various wood marking applications in woodworking, furniture manufacturing, crafts, and art industries.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Mask

UV laser technology enables precise and delicate markings on mask surfaces. It can ensure readability and clarity of markings.

UV laser marking machines can mark various mask materials. They are suitable for different masks, including surgical masks, respirators, and cloth masks.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Security Seal

Our UV Laser Marking Machines offer precise and durable marking solutions for security seals. We use advanced UV laser technology to ensure clear and permanent markings resistant to tampering and environmental conditions. With high-speed processing capabilities, our machines are ideal for large-scale production.

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UV Laser Marking Machines for Marking Plastic Bottles

UV laser markers use UV laser technology and are specifically designed to create precise and permanent markings on plastic bottles.

They are widely used in beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and household products for branding, identification, and traceability.

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FAQs About UV Laser Marking Machine

The marking effect of the UV laser marking machine is evident and precise. It has high contrast and high resolution. It is suitable for applications requiring high-precision marking.

The marking speed of the UV laser marker machine depends on the marking content's complexity and the material's characteristics. Efficient marking speeds are generally achieved.

Maintenance of UV laser marking machines includes:

  • Regular cleaning of lenses and lenses.
  • Checking optical path alignment.
  • Ensuring that the cooling system operates appropriately.

These can ensure the stability of the equipment and the quality of marking.

When using a UV laser marking machine, you need to pay attention to the safety of laser radiation. Operators must use appropriate protective measures, such as wearing protective glasses, to protect user safety.

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