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UV Printer / UV Printing Machine

UV printer machine is a high-tech plate-free full-color digital printing machine. It can achieve the effect of drying immediately after printing without waiting for drying. No material is limited to the UV printer and can perform color photo-level printing on various surfaces such as T-shirts, doors, glass, plates, PVC, and leather. It has the following advantages. HantenCNC UV printer manufacturer will introduce to you.

  • High printing efficiency.
  • Fast curing.
  • Meet environmental protection requirements.
  • Improved product performance.

Why Should You Choose HantenCNC As Your UV Printer Manufacturer?

Quality Control

As a professional UV printing machine manufacture, we have a complete quality control system. We can ensure that each UV printer has undergone strict testing and quality inspection before being delivered to customers. It helps provide reliable and consistent product quality.

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Technical Support And Service

HantenCNC provides comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. These include equipment installation, training, maintenance, and spare parts supply. This support can help customers solve problems during use.

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Innovation Ability

As a professional UV printer supplier, HantenCNC is committed to continuous innovation, research, and development. We pay attention to industry trends and customer needs. We introduce new functions, improve performance, and increase options to meet market needs.

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Credibility And Reputation

Our company has established a good reputation in the industry. It is one of our greatest strengths. Customers prefer to choose those manufacturers with good reputations and reliability. It can protect their investment.

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What is A UV Printer Used For?

A UV printer is a device that uses ultraviolet light-curable inks for printing. It can print images, text, and designs onto a variety of different types of materials. Including but not limited to the following purposes:

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Advertising And Logos

UV printing machines can be used in various advertising and logo production. It can be printed on indoor and outdoor billboards, banners, posters, display boards, vehicle exteriors, and more. Therefore, it can provide high-quality images and information display for brand and advertising promotion.

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Packaging And Labeling

UV print machines can be used to print packaging boxes, bottles, jars, and plastic bags. It can print product names, barcodes, images, and other logos on packaging. So it can increase product brand recognition and appeal.

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Interior Decoration

UV ink printers can be applied in home decoration and interior design. It can be printed on walls, glass, wood, tiles, and other surfaces. It can be used to make personalized wallpaper, decorative painting, glass film, etc., adding beauty and uniqueness to the indoor environment.

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Personalized Goods

UV ink printers can be applied in home decoration and interior design. It can be printed on walls, glass, wood, tiles, and other surfaces. It can be used to make personalized wallpaper, decorative painting, and glass film. So it can add beauty and uniqueness to the indoor environment.

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Industrial Applications

UV print machines are also widely used in industrial fields. It can be printed on the surface of electronic, auto parts, plastic, and metal products. Provides clear and visible identification for product identification, serial numbers, QR codes, and more.

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What Preparations Are Needed to Operate A UV Printer?

These are the basic steps and preparations for operating a UV printer machine. The exact steps may vary depending on your printer model and manufacturer. Therefore, please refer to the user manual provided by UV printer manufacturers. It will provide you with detailed operating instructions.

  1. UV printer body: Ensure the printer is installed correctly and connected to the power source. Connected to a computer or other control device.
  2. Printing Material: Choose the appropriate printing material based on your needs. It may include different types of media. Such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.
  3. UV Ink: UV printers use special UV-curable inks. Make sure you use an ink type that is compatible with your printer. Use according to the UV printer supplier's recommendations.
  4. Design files: Prepare the design files you want to print. It can be an image, text, or other graphic element. Make sure the file format is compatible with the printer. Supported formats include JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.
  5. Printer driver: Install the correct printer driver. It ensures that the computer communicates correctly with the UV printed machine. It is usually downloaded and installed from the printer manufacturer's website.
  6. Print settings: Set printing parameters on your computer. Such as print quality, color configuration, and image size. Make sure these settings match your printing needs.
  7. Preparation before printing: Ensure the printer's working area is clean before printing. Prepare the platform to receive printed items. Also, check the working status of the UV lamp. Because UV light is used to cure ink.
  8. Maintenance and Cleaning: Clean and maintain the print head regularly. It ensures print quality and long printer life.

How Much Does A UV Printer Cost?

The price of a UV printed machine varies according to various factors. Include device model, size, features, and manufacturer. Typically, UV ink printers range in price from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Desktop small UV printers typically cost between a few thousand dollars and $10,000. These devices are suitable for personal, small business, or start-up use. It is used for smaller-scale printing needs.

A mid-sized UV printer machine usually costs between $10,000 and hundreds of thousands. These devices feature larger print areas and higher print speeds. It is suitable for medium-scale production needs.

The price of a large industrial UV printer is usually in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These devices are suitable for large-scale production and high-volume needs. They have higher precision, faster printing speed, and larger printing area.

It should be noted that the above price range is for reference only. Actual prices may vary due to market fluctuations, regional differences, and supplier policies. If you have specific needs, it is recommended that you contact the UV printing machine manufacturer for an accurate quotation.

FAQs About UV Print Machine

A3, A3+, 6090, 2513, etc.

It can be printed on mobile phone cases, posters, golf balls, ID cards, nameplates, bottles, prints, and more.

UV printer has a wide range of application materials. It can print on metal, wood, glass, PVC, acrylic, ceramics, plastics, and other materials.

Of course. HANTENCNC's UV printing machine can print out 3D relief effects.

Our machine will be shipped with a product manual. We will also provide online teaching videos and technical support.

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