What is laser welding?

Before learning more about laser welding. Let’s first understand some of its basic principles. Laser welding is a method that uses a laser as a heat source. Melts part or the entire cross-section of a workpiece. And solidify under certain conditions to form an organic welding method.

The principle is to use the laser beam to heat the workpiece to a molten state to form vaporization holes or molten pools. Through the control system of HANTENCNC, adjust different parameters to realize the connection of weld seam. Under such a highly concentrated heat source. Different thicknesses of material will produce different effects. Compared with traditional arc welding and gas welding, it has the following advantages. Laser welding has the advantages of high precision and small deformation. Its welds are also of very high quality.

It’s versatile. It is mainly used in industries such as automobiles and electronic equipment. There is also the field of joining metal materials such as pipes and aerospace.

How laser welding works?

Laser welding machine belongs to a new type of laser material processing machine. It is a new type of welding method, mainly used for welding thin materials and precision parts. Various welding methods such as spot welding can be realized. There are the following obvious advantages:

  1. The aspect ratio is high, and the weld width is small.
  2. The heat-affected zone is small and the deformation is small.
  3. Fast welding speed.
  4. The welding seam is smooth and beautiful. No treatment or only simple treatment after welding.
  5. High-quality welds without porosity.
  6. It can be precisely controlled and the focus point is small. High positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation.

Where is laser welding used?

Currently, in addition to the advantages described above. Laser welding machines also have the advantages of beautiful welding and high productivity. It also conforms to the trend of safety and environmental protection. There are also obvious advantages such as cost reduction. It is widely used in various industries. Let’s talk about the industries in which HANTENCNC can see the use of laser welding machines.

  • In the laser metal welding processing industry, the automotive industry is widely used.
    Auto parts use welding, stitch welding, body welding and component welding methods. Laser welding can be welded flexibly, and the weld seam of the welded product is firm and beautiful.
  • In the shipbuilding industry.
    The control and drive screws as well as the rudder can be fabricated using laser welding. So it not only has high precision and also meets the required tolerances. This will reduce the fuel consumption of the ship and increase its speed.
  • The high precision of the laser welding system makes it suitable for tool manufacturing. This technology provides great convenience for the high-precision molding industry. Solutions are also provided for the manufacture of stamping and casting tools.
  • Laser technology is used in the steel construction industry. Because of its ability to increase productivity and speed up production cycles. Laser welding can process thick metal sheets at high speeds and within high tolerances.
  • In addition to the welding of automotive thin plate structural parts. The use of laser welding can also be seen in automotive parts. Such as: welding of engine cylinder gaskets and hydraulic tappet seals. Automotive high voltage relays, filters, torque sensors. Turbocharger, oil rail, cylinder gasket. Spark plugs, block motor stators, seat adjustment screws, airbags, etc.
  • The application of laser welding in the field of new energy batteries is also evident.HANTENCNC laser hybrid welding is a combination of laser beam welding and MIG welding technology. The metal structure and mechanical properties of the weld can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.
  • The welding process of laser welding can also be widely used in today’s electronics industry.For example, Huawei mobile phones, as well as welding of motor casings and connectors, fiber optic connectors, etc.

With the popularity of laser welding. I believe that the industrial application of laser welding will far exceed people’s imagination.

How does the laser welding machine work?

Preparation: Before welding, it is necessary to place the workpieces to be joined in the fixture and adjust the parameters of the welding machine (power, speed, joint size, etc.).

Heating: concentrated heating at the welding place, short heating time and high temperature. This melts the metal and causes it to form a welded joint.

Joining: After the metal is melted, the parts form new joins. The shape and size of this joint can be adjusted with great precision.

The workflow of the laser welding machine is very simple. First, the parts to be joined are placed in the fixture. Then, adjust the parameters of the laser welding machine as needed. Finally, the joint is instantly melted by rapid heating and then solidifies to form a welded joint.

During the welding process, the welding area needs to be controlled to ensure the position and size of the weld. To achieve this, a control system is usually used to control the size, position and direction of the laser beam. The control system ensures the accuracy and reliability of the welded joints.

How to use the laser welding machine?

  1. Popularization of knowledge: strict training, and then work
    Educate and train staff operating handheld laser welding machines. So that the operator can understand the potential risks that may arise when he operates the handheld laser welding equipment. Operators are required to suspend proper laser safety drills. and an introduction to risk emergency response methods. In addition, the use and management of the laser must be operated by professional (working) personnel. Although the operation is simple, it is better not to use it if you are inexperienced.
    HANTENCNC is delivered to the customer on the machine. We have undergone strict and standardized operation training. And post job requirements in a prominent place on the job site. In order to make the machine work normally, the host enable switch needs to be turned on. Then press and hold the gun head power switch. Finally, press and hold the light button to prevent accidental injury.
  2. Radiation protection: wear radiation-proof glasses and protective clothing
    As we all know, the laser of the laser welding machine is excited and releases light energy radiation, which is a kind of high-intensity light. The laser light emitted by a laser light source is generally invisible to the touch. So it can be considered that there is no physical damage. However, the laser welding machine will produce ionizing radiation and excitation radiation during the welding process. This induced radiation has significant effects on the eyes and body. Although the laser beam is small, operators often like to stare at the welder’s beam. However, if you look at the sparks from cutting for a long time, it can be harmful to your eyes and cause a stinging sensation. The retina is a very sensitive organ, so in the case of long-term use of visual light sources, the operator must wear radiation-proof glasses.
  3. Working environment: Strictly abide by hygiene standards
    The laser welding process produces a large amount of ozone and oxygen nitrogen compounds. In particular, the concentration of ozone far exceeds the reference health standard and has a great impact on human health. Therefore, its workplace should have good ventilation to discharge harmful gases and metal dust. In addition, fire fighting equipment must also be equipped. Flammable items shall not be less than 5 meters away from the welding position. If the specified distance cannot be reached. The following methods can be used. Asbestos sheet and asbestos cloth can be properly covered. Prevent sparks from falling into flammable items. Explosive substances at the welding place shall not be less than 10m.
  4. Equipment Selection: Quality Matters
    Hand-held laser welding equipment belongs to the safety level of high-power laser equipment (level 4). Therefore, automatic stop of laser power is a mandatory function when an unknown object enters the optical path. The safety of handheld laser welding equipment is greatly improved. The laser welding of HANTENNCNC can be intelligently monitored in real time. There is also a hand-held welding head that can report failures in time.Potential hazards can be minimized.

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