Demystifying the Laser Welding Machine

Many noobs who have just learned about the welding technology industry will have doubts about laser welding machines. The most frequently asked question is: How does the machine achieve welding? What is welding?

Today, professionals from HANTENCNC will give you a brief introduction. The principle of the laser welding machine is to use high-energy pulses to heat a specified area of the material in a small area. The energy of the laser pulse is transferred from the outside to the inside of the material. The material is melted and then the welding of the material is achieved.

In the early days, due to the low working efficiency of lasers, the research and development of welding were affected. Later, with the continuous development of the laser industry, the laser also had a higher power conversion. Until the continuous power laser above 1KW appears. So far, the laser welding machine has also achieved leapfrog development. With the continuous development of laser welding technology. Nowadays, laser welding has gradually replaced traditional manual arc welding. It has become the most popular welding method.

Understanding Laser Welding Machines

Advantages and disadvantages of laser welding compared with traditional welding machines:

  1. Compared with other traditional welding techniques, laser welding is fast and deep. And the material hardly deforms.
  2. Laser welding is less affected by the environment, and the requirements for the environment are relatively low.
  3. Laser welding can achieve precise positioning, welding precision parts and other small workpieces.
  4. Laser welding realizes non-removable welding, which can weld most angles and has great flexibility.

There are pros and cons to everything. Compared with traditional welding methods, operators using laser welding will require high precision welding accessories. The beam of the laser should be stable and cannot be shifted randomly. In contrast, the cost of laser welding in the early stage is relatively high. The one-time investment is relatively high, and many customers cannot afford this cost.

The following is a list of some frequently asked questions from customers: About laser welding

How many motors does the laser welding machine have? Laser welding machines are divided into single pendulum and double pendulum. The single pendulum-laser welding machine has only one motor and only one welding mode. The double pendulum-laser welding machine has two motors, and the welding mode has seven welding modes.

  • Does the laser welding machine need to use gas? Why? Laser welding needs to use shielding gas, mainly inert gas, argon, helium and so on are recommended. Reasons: First, the shielding gas protects the lens from vapor and liquid droplets. Second, shielding gas can play a very important role in welding. The gas can block the air and prevent the material from being oxidized during the welding process.
  • Is the laser welding machine air-cooled or water-cooled?

There are two cooling modes for laser welding machines. There are air cooling and water cooling. The specific situation depends on the configuration of the machine.

  • How long is the warranty of the laser welding machine?

The warranty time of the laser welding machine is one year. But for the core component of the laser welding machine: the laser, we provide a two-year warranty service.

  • What are the wearing parts of the laser welding machine?

The wearing part of the laser welding machine is the protective lens. It is recommended that customers purchase some protective lenses when purchasing the machine. But the protective lens is not an accessory that is easy to wear and tear.There are many factors that affect the length of use of protective lenses. For example, errors in focus, errors in process parameters, and factors such as shielding gas and so on.

  • When do you need to use a wire feeder in the welding process, and under what circumstances do you not need a wire feeder?

During the welding process, when the welding gap is relatively wide, a wire feeder is required.

  • What are the working voltages of the welding machine?

220v/380v. If the voltage in some countries is not applicable, the machine can be equipped with a transformer.

  • What is the diameter of welding wire commonly used in laser welding machines?

The diameter of welding wire commonly used in laser welding machines is 0.8mm/1.0 mm/1.2mm/ 1.6MM. 1500w laser welding machine, we recommend using 0.6-0.8mm welding wire. For a 2000w laser welding machine, we recommend using a 1mm welding wire. For 3000w laser welding machine, we recommend using 1.2mm welding wire. It should be noted that the welding wire needs to be the same material and the same specification as the welding material.

  • What are the functions of the three-in-one laser welding machine and the four-in-one laser welding machine?

The main functions of the three-in-one laser welding machine are: laser welding, laser cleaning, and laser cutting. The main functions of the four-in-one laser welding machine are: laser welding, laser cleaning, laser cutting and weld seam cleaning.

Of course, in the process of using the machine, there will be various problems. Here are some common failures and solutions:

  • Use a laser welding machine to weld, and the weld seam is very black. The reasons for the failure are as follows. The shielding gas is not turned on, or the flow direction of the shielding gas is incorrect. Treatment method: turn on the protective gas. And adjust the direction of the shielding gas. The direction of the shielding gas should be opposite to that of the workpiece.
  • When using the laser welding machine, some materials have cracks. The cause of the failure is: the gap between the materials is too large or the flow rate of the shielding gas is too large. Processing method: The operator can adjust the distance of the material. Reduce the gas flow of the shielding gas.
  • Particle spatter occurs when laser welding is used. Many small particles appear on or around the workpiece surface. Reasons for adhesion on the welding head or the surface of the material: The surface of the material is not clean and there are pollutants. Treatment method: Before welding, the welding materials need to be cleaned. According to the material material, adjust the welding parameters. Or appropriately reducing the welding energy can also help reduce particle spatter.

Laser welding machines have a lot of working methods. Such as mold welding and jewelry welding. Hand-held welding and automatic welding, etc. As soon as the handheld laser welding machine appeared, it was welcomed by market users. Because the handheld laser welding machine has a simple structure. It is mainly composed of laser, hand-held welding head, chiller, beam transmission and other components. Operator welding is not only freed from the workbench. There are also various complex fixtures and so on. Handheld laser welding offers flexibility. Let laser welding become as easy as ordinary argon arc welding and resistance welding. It is also very easy for ordinary welding workers to operate handheld laser welding. At the same time, the flexibility of handheld welding is also high. The machine occupies a small area. can be moved. It can be adapted to various working places. Meet the processing requirements of many small factories.

Now, laser welding is widely used in various industries. Such as machinery and equipment. Transportation. Aerospace and more. These industries have benefited a lot and are also promoting the advancement and development of the laser welding industry. At the same time, the country is also promoting the development of the laser welding industry. Not just financial subsidies. Corresponding technical support is also provided. Promote the continuous innovation and development of the laser welding industry. In general, the laser welding industry will still develop rapidly in the future. Continuous innovation, the future market size will continue to expand.

Hope this article is helpful for the problem you are facing. If necessary, you can consult the official website 24 hours a day. HANTENCNC professionals will answer your questions at any time.