3D laser marking machine for curved surface depth engraving

The origin of laser marking technology

Laser technology sits alongside atomic energy, semiconductors, and computers. It is one of the four technological inventions of the 20th century. In 1960, the birth of the world’s first laser enabled us to obtain an unprecedented laser light source on the earth. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, laser marking technology quietly emerged internationally. Then it was rapidly industrialized and became one of the largest application fields of laser processing. Laser marking technology is an important part of laser processing. It is currently the most widely used and mature technology in the field of laser processing.

Laser marking technology is a modern precision processing method. It is permanent, indelible, safe and non-polluting. Now processors in various fields will choose more laser marking machines to print permanent marks.

The leap from 2D to 3D

Compared with the traditional planar 2D laser marking technology, there are technical difficulties in engraving curved and curved surfaces and irregular objects. Traditional 2D laser marking machines must be placed on the same plane on the workpiece. It can realize one-time molding marking. Ordinary 2D laser marking machines cannot complete curved surface marking.

However, the 3D laser marking machine produced by HANTENCNC has laser engraving that can adapt to the drop. It can adapt to different shapes of products. It is also possible to precisely set the position of the laser focus. So it can be used for high-precision point-to-point exquisite engraving effects without worrying about defocusing.

3D laser marking machine application in the industry

  1. Automobile manufacturing industry
    It can be used to mark and cut car parts. Such as body, hood, doors and so on. This technology can greatly improve production efficiency. And it ensures that every part is within specification.
  2. Medical equipment manufacturing industry
    3D laser marking machines can be used to mark and cut medical devices. Such as scalpels, syringes, needles, etc. This technology can ensure the precision and safety of medical devices. To protect the health of medical workers and patients.
  3. Obtained in the field of aerospace
    It can also be used to mark and cut aircraft parts. Such as fuselage, wings, engines, etc. This technology can ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft. Thereby ensuring the safety of passengers.
  4. In the jewelry manufacturing industry
    3D laser marking machine can cut and engrave all kinds of jewelry. Such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. This technology can improve the manufacturing precision and aesthetics of jewelry, thereby attracting more consumers.

In conclusion, 3D laser marking machines are widely used in many industries. It has a wide range of applications and can be used to create various items. If necessary, you can consult the online customer service at any time, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

HANTENCNC 3D laser marking machine introduction

Sealed 3D laser marking machine

There are many appearances of the 3D laser marking machine promoted by HANTENCNC. First, we will introduce a sealed 3D laser marking machine.

This machine adopts sealed design, sealed operation, more secure. It is widely used in some European and American countries that have strict requirements on laser. In addition, this machine is equipped with an electric lifting column, which is more convenient to operate. The lifting of the galvanometer can be controlled by software. HANTENCNC has improved the traditional way of manually adjusting the height of the galvanometer. It’s more automated. The 3D laser marking machine produced by HANTENCNC can be equipped with an industrial computer, no need to prepare a computer by yourself. The machine comes with a computer, which is more professional.

In addition, for long-term engraving processing methods such as deep carving and embossing. During their processing, the air will be filled with a lot of dust. For this reason, we also highly recommend that you choose 3D laser marking machines at the same time. Buy a smoke purifier to absorb the dust in the air. The 3D laser marking machine is used in conjunction with the smoke purifier, which is more environmentally friendly.

The sealed 3D laser marking machine shown above is equipped with FEELTEK F10 3D galvanometer. This is also the best-selling 3D laser galvanometer of HANTENCNC. This galvanometer can meet the working range of 100*100mm and 200*200mm at the same time. Compared with the two-dimensional laser marking machine, the replacement range is realized by changing the objective lens. The FEELTEK F10 galvanometer can achieve different working ranges through software replacement. It is more convenient and faster. The corresponding software is LenMark 3Ds.

Mini split 3D laser marking machine

The second 3D laser marking machine introduced to you is a more portable mini-split 3D laser marking machine. Its smaller size saves shipping and space. We also have a black model for this machine, if you are interested, you can also consult us for more information.

This machine also uses the FEELTEK F10 3D galvanometer. Let me introduce a laser marking machine using FEELTEK F20.

Since the maximum format of F20 can reach 600*600mm, our company launched this split 3D laser marking machine. The overall color of this machine is black, which is very beautiful and loved by many customers. What color do you prefer? HANTENCNC can customize the appearance and color of the machine according to your needs. The depth of focus of the F20 can reach 200mm. That is to say, it can mark objects with a drop of 20cm. Not only can it achieve one-time marking, but also the marking effect at different heights is equally perfect.

Among the 3D machines, we provide Jinhaichuang 3D, Golden Orange 3D and Feileitek 3D. Which do you prefer?

Currently, the best brand is FEELTEK. If you need metal relief within the range of 200mm*200mm, please choose F10 model. If you need a larger format, please choose the F20 model. The power of the machine is 30 watts, 50 watts, 60 watts, 100 watts or even 200 watts. For deep carving, we recommend using a power of more than 50W.

3D laser marking application

Large format marking

Laser technology has been widely used in many industrial fields.

In addition to traditional basic laser marking, FEELTEK 3D’s dynamic focusing technology creates more possibilities for a wide range of processes. It is widely used in large-format marking applications that require one-time use. This involves various fields in the manufacturing industry. Whether in automobile manufacturing, electronics production or the aerospace industry. All 3D laser marking machines can achieve high-precision large-format lettering and marking. It can save more time cost, improve production efficiency and quality management.

3D surface marking

It uses a dynamic focus system control. It not only breaks through the dimension and format limitations of traditional marking. It can also mark objects without distortion on 3D curved surfaces, steps, cones, slopes and other objects.

Relief & deep carving

The 3D laser marking machine produced by HANTENCNC uses the technology of cooperative control of dynamic axis and XY axis galvanometer. It can not only achieve layered embossing easily. It is also widely used in high-precision engraving such as deep carving and texture etching. It is also widely used in mold making. Many jewelers also choose to use it to make handicrafts.

Common technical problems of 3D laser marking machine

3D laser marking machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency marking equipment. It has been widely used in various industries. However, as the device ages, various problems may arise. So it also needs corresponding after-sales maintenance. The following are the basic after-sales problems of some common 3D laser marking machines summarized by HANTENCNC technical engineers:

  • Laser failure: The laser is the core component of the 3D laser marking machine. If the laser fails, it will cause the equipment not to work properly. Common laser failures include insufficient laser output power and laser beam drift. There is also poor quality of the laser beam, etc.
  • Circuit board failure: The circuit board is the control center of the 3D laser marking machine. Common circuit board failures include damaged circuit board components. Poor board connections, etc.
  • Mechanical failure: such as drive motor failure. Optical system failure. Focus adjustment failure, etc.
  • Software failure: The software of the 3D laser marking machine may also fail. Such as control software errors, driver software can not work properly and so on.
  • Other faults: the heat dissipation system of the equipment. Optical system. There may also be failures in the gas system, etc., and corresponding repairs are required.

When performing after-sales maintenance of the 3D laser marking machine, it is necessary to deal with it according to the specific fault conditions. Generally speaking, equipment testing, fault analysis, maintenance and debugging are required. At the same time, in order to avoid equipment failure, regular maintenance and maintenance are also required. Such as cleaning equipment, replacing wearing parts, etc.

The above is the whole content of HANTENCNC about 3D laser marking machine. If you are interested in 3D laser marking machine and want to know more questions, welcome to send us a consultation. Finally, we do not only produce marking machines. We also produce laser welding machines. There are also laser equipment such as laser cleaning machines and laser cutting machines. If you are also interested in the machines, look forward to your consultation.