Come and See the Amazing Laser Cleaning Machine!

Still worrying about rusty workpieces?
Are you still helpless about the paint on the surface of the equipment?
Are you still having a headache because of the oxidative dullness that cannot be removed?

If you have encountered the above problems, then see if there are any utensils you need to clean in the pictures below?
These are the comparison effect pictures after cleaning with HANTENCNC laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning range:

There are various cleaning methods for traditional cleaning. Most of them are cleaned by chemical agents and mechanical methods. Residues of various chemicals are often left behind. This will cause certain damage to the equipment.

There are many objects that can be cleaned with a laser cleaning machine.Including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. And the technology in the industry is more mature. Has been widely used in various industries. And it plays an important role in many fields. Let people use it with confidence.

Why are laser cleaning machines chosen by more and more companies

When metal parts are placed in a humid environment for a long time, a layer of rust will form on the metal surface. The main component of rust is iron oxide. It is the synthesis product of iron element, oxygen and water in metal parts. The existence of rust not only affects the appearance, but also has a great impact on the performance of parts. It is very important to carry out metal derusting in time. The emergence of laser cleaning machines makes this work more convenient.

Laser rust removal belongs to the category of laser cleaning, which can be briefly summarized as follows:

The beam emitted by the laser is absorbed by the surface contamination layer. Contaminated layers that absorb large amounts of energy form a violently expanding plasma. Then a shock wave is generated, blasting the polluted layer into fine dust. So as to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

Advantages of laser rust removal:

  1. Laser stripping paint, good conductivity, clean and easy to solder, faster use efficiency.
  2. Laser rust removal is efficient and energy-saving. Cleanliness is high. Environmentallyfriendly and pollution-free. Low running cost.
  3. Automatic operation, simple operation, can accuratelyremove surface oil, rust, coating, etc.

Laser cleaning machine–a beautician who can be called “rejuvenating” weapons and equipment

Any item stored for a long time will inevitably be contaminated with dust, let alone a “tested” weapon. For a long time, “flaws” such as smoke, rust, mold, and insect spots on the surface of the object are especially true for the army.
Military uniforms can be washed with water when they get dirty. If the guns, ammunition and weapons are dirty, they cannot be directly connected to the faucet. Rinse it.

Nowadays, in addition to the traditional mechanical cleaning method. Chemical cleaning method and ultrasonic cleaning method. There is also laser cleaning. This uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the object. “Laser cosmetology” that “removes” particles, dirt, rust or buildup. It can be called a beautician who can “rejuvenate” various equipment. Laser cleaning technology can efficiently and quickly remove rust and pollutants on the surface of equipment. It is equivalent to a “deep cleaning” of the equipment. At the same time, the strength and corrosion resistance of the metal surface are further improved. The “renewed” equipment also put on an “iron cloth shirt” that is not afraid of corrosion.

The “eighteen martial arts” of laser cleaning are not limited to this. Electronic equipment has to withstand the test of harsh environments. Electronic components will inevitably be contaminated with dust.

Affect the work efficiency of electronic equipment

However, laser cleaning can bring electronic equipment back to life. All kinds of mechanical equipment such as tanks, airplanes and even spacecraft often need to clean up the oil used for lubrication on the parts.
Compared with chemical methods, the biggest advantage of laser cleaning is the “double care” of the surface of parts. Even field food to satisfy the hunger in the battlefield. Production equipment also needs to be cleaned regularly during the production process. Laser cleaning can also come to “help”.

Why does the laser cleaning machine not hurt hands?

As a person who is deeply involved in this industry. The editor of HANTENCNC will tell you: Laser cleaning does not hurt hands, it is just a gimmick.

Talking about human injury and not talking about power density/energy are hooligans.

The laser cleaning machine made of 100W pulsed laser does shoot directly to the hand within a short period of time within the out-of-focus range. There will be a white cleaning line. To achieve the effect of not hurting hands. That’s because the power density at this time is actually not large. Because the spot becomes larger after defocusing. The power per unit area becomes much lower. But if you try to make it stop. It burns in minutes. This is energy accumulation. Note, this is just a burn. That is, carbonization of biological tissue on the surface of the skin. Similar to the effect of sunlight focusing. There will be no phenomenon such as breakdown. Due to the focusing effect of the focusing mirror in laser processing, the energy density at the focus is extremely high. Even with a 100W laser cleaning machine, I dare not test the position of the focus by hand. Once, due to operational problems, a colleague of mine was brushed by a long pulse of 300W*0.5S near the focal point. There was a black carbonized line on the finger, and the pain that followed was simply touching.

Therefore, whether the laser will cause damage to human tissue. The first depends on power density. For a 1000W laser. If you stand a few meters away from the processing head. That is 150mm focal length. Your face or hands will just feel hot. Like basking in the sun. If placed on focal length. Sorry, copper and aluminum and other objects with ultra-low absorption rate of 1064nm wavelength infrared laser. There will be a molten pool phenomenon. Not to mention the immature body.

China has clear regulations on laser levels. The power starting point of the fourth level laser is 0.5W laser power.

Class 4 (Class 4) laser science popularization:

Class IV lasers are harmful to the eyes and skin. Direct reflections, secondary reflections, and diffuse reflections all cause damage.

All Class 4 laser systems carry a “DANGER” symbol. Class IV lasers can also damage materials in or near the laser area and ignite flammable substances. It is recommended to wear eye protection when using this series of lasers. Improper use can damage eyes and skin and cause fire if the eyes and skin are exposed to direct beam or scattered beam. For example: near-infrared fiber lasers for marking and cutting welding bars.

Therefore, all industrial products involving lasers should be well protected when used.

Operators must undergo professional training. Use only after understanding the corresponding hazards.

After-sales service of laser cleaning machine

We must pay more attention to the after-sales service of this kind of industrial equipment. After all, its technical and technological requirements are relatively high. The general after-sales service is not handled well. It is also important to choose a good company. Such as HANTENC. For first-timers. Various problems may be encountered. For example, problems that cannot be operated during use. Or something in the setup that I don’t know how to debug.

If you can quickly find after-sales personnel to solve it, find a technician Check at home, which greatly facilitates the work.

Laser cleaning machine equipment features:

  1. Lightweight design, integrated integration. Easy manual portability to any work area. To achieve the goal, select positioning and cleaning. Non-contact cleaning work. No damage to the substrate, no pollution, no need for follow-up treatment.
  2. High efficiency, fast speed and low cost. Small thermal and mechanical loads on the substrate. Non-destructive cleaning. It is safe and reliable, and does not damage the health of operators. Easy to realize automatic control.
  3. It can move freely and is easy to realize automation. Can be combined with numerical control technology. Optional automatic scanning is also possible. Strong cleaning ability, safe and reliable. No harm to the health of the operator, etc. Realize remote remote cleaning, etc.

Application of laser cleaning machine

At present, laser cleaning technology has been applied to military industry. Mold cleaning. surface treatment. microelectronics. Heritage protection. medical. Automobile processing and other fields.

There are many objects that can be cleaned with a laser cleaning machine.including metal corrosion. metal particles. Dust etc. And the technology in this industry is relatively mature.

It has been widely used in various industries. Plays an important role in many fields. Let people use it with confidence.

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