500W Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

The 500-watt handheld laser cleaning machine is the latest laser cleaning tool launched by HANTENCNC. Hereinafter referred to as HTCM-500. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the advantages of HTCM-500 are very obvious. Will be mentioned below. HTCM-500 is widely used in various industries. It has the characteristics of precise positioning, so it can meet the processing of various shapes of workpieces. Not only does it achieve perfect cleaning results, it is also very efficient. Interested friends can continue reading.

Laser cleaning machine introduction

Structural advantages

HTCM-500W relies on the advantages of JPT’s “”MOPA laser”” structure. It can maintain high power and stable output, which is a rare way to adapt to more cleaning applications. It is equipped with a 500W cleaning pulsed fiber laser as the cleaning light source, and the laser amplifies the MOPA structure. Cooperate with traveling wave fiber amplifier to realize. The HTCM-500 features independent adjustable pulse width and frequency.

Appearance and operation advantages

Handheld laser head of HANTEN CNC 500W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine is simple in appearance, small and light. It weighs less than 1.5kg and can be used handheld for a long time. The appearance adopts the integrated design of buttons and handles, which is easy to use. The main body of HANTEN CNC 500 is integrally processed and formed. It can effectively prevent the following situations: Pollutants such as dust generated during the cleaning process enter the cleaning head. prevent them from causing damage to the equipment. The cleaning head can also be customized to match the accessories used with the vacuum cleaner. It can absorb harmful substances such as smoke and dust generated during laser cleaning in real time. This provides a guarantee for the operating safety of the operator. At the same time, we recommend that operators wear laser protective glasses or dust masks. This increases the level of operational safety.

Control advantage

The control system adopts the laser cleaning control card and program independently developed by HANTENCNC. Compared with other manufacturers, HTCM-500W control software has the following characteristics:

  1. Dedicated software operation interface, clear and concise operation interface, convenient to modify parameters.
  2. The software has a built-in database, which can preset laser cleaning parameters, and can save and edit up to 50 sets of process data.
  3. Parameters such as laser power and laser pulse width can be adjusted freely. The parameters can be adjusted according to the actual cleaning situation to achieve the best results.
  4. Optimized the control system of the lens inside the cleaning head. Effectively reduces the calorific value of the galvanometer. Thereby the service life of the cleaning head is improved.
  5. Provide 8 cleaning modes. There are straight line, rectangle (two kinds), circle, sine, spiral, free pattern, ring pattern, etc. It can be adapted to various cleaning scenarios.
  6. The cleaning speed is adjustable, the fastest is 30m/s.

The power supply requirement of HANTEN CNC 500W pulse laser cleaning machine is 220V50HZ, and can also be customized as 110V 60HZ. The power of the whole machine is about 2.5-3kw. It can be connected to the air switch or use a standard three-pin plug.

We know that according to the thickness of the fiber core diameter of the pulsed laser and the beam quality. They can divide pulsed lasers into Gaussian lasers and planar lasers. Gaussian lasers have better beam quality than flat-hat lasers. Its energy distribution is Gaussian distribution, and the energy is concentrated at one point. The energy density in the middle is the highest and then spread out to the surroundings. Its advantage is that the laser is strong, and it is suitable for cleaning rust, oxides, and other pollutants on the metal surface. However, a strong laser will also cause some damage to the surface of the cleaning product. Therefore, the pulse laser cleaning machine is not suitable for products with high requirements on the cleaning surface. Such as molds and historical relics.

The other is a top-hat laser. It has a thicker fiber core and poorer beam quality. The energy distribution is very uniform compared to Gaussian lasers. Its advantage is that when cleaning the non-metal on the metal surface, there is almost no damage to the underlying metal part. However, due to poor beam quality and less reaction to metal, it is not suitable for cleaning metal contamination. Such as rust and copper rust. But this is limited to low-power top-hat lasers. If using a high power (eg 500 watt) flat top laser. It can perfectly solve the problem of poor cleaning effect on metal materials.

Laser cleaning application

Let me introduce the application of HANTEN CNC 500W flat-top laser.

  • Epoxy paint cleaning

Epoxy paint is composed of epoxy resin, pigment and curing agent. Its wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and heat resistance are better than ordinary paints. It is mainly used for metal anti-corrosion and chemical anti-corrosion of automobile primers.

At present, the common cleaning method of epoxy paint is alcohol cleaning. There are also acetone cleaning and epoxy resin solvent cleaning.

Alcohol can only be cleaned when the epoxy resin is not completely solidified, and it needs to be wiped repeatedly. So it is not suitable for large area cleaning. Alcohol cleaning has significant limitations.

Acetone cleaning has no requirement on the state of epoxy resin. However, acetone has strong volatility, and has certain toxicity, which will cause bodily harm to operators. So it is not recommended to use.

Finally, there is the epoxy resin welding machine, which has the problem of low efficiency. It is not suitable for cleaning large products and has great limitations.

But HANTEN CNC 500-watt pulse laser cleaning machine can perfectly solve these problems. The laser cleaning machine is not affected by the state of the cleaning material and the shape of the product. It belongs to non-contact processing. The cleaning process is pollution-free and efficient. The measured cleaning effect can reach one square meter per hour.

  • Cleaning the oxide layer of metal parts

Clean the oxide layer stains on the surface of some metal mechanical parts. After cleaning, the surface is smooth and free of deformation. The color of the final surface is uniform with a metallic primary color. The cleaning efficiency with HANTEN CNC 500W Impulse Washer is about 4 square meters per hour.

  • Tire mold cleaning

At present, there are several cleaning methods for tire mold cleaning

  1. Chemical cleaning. Use pickling and solvent to clean the tire mold, although this cleaning method is simple and convenient, and the cost is low. However, long-term use will cause corrosion of the mold, which will affect the quality of the product. Moreover, chemical agents also have certain hazards to operators. so not the best choice
  2. Mechanical equipment is cleaned by physical grinding with manual emery cloth or steel wire. It can choose different cleaning materials according to needs. Because the sandblasting medium is relatively hard, it has a certain degree of abrasiveness. Therefore, it will cause certain damage to the tire mold and shorten the life of the mold.
  3. Dry ice blasting, because dry ice blasting needs to store a large amount of dry ice. This is a very tricky question.
  4. Laser cleaning. HANTEN CNC 500W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine for cleaning tire molds. No consumables, high efficiency, no damage to the mold. Not only will it not affect the life of the mold, but it is also the best choice for tire mold cleaning. It is also possible to customize the assembly line cleaning model to speed up efficiency and save labor costs.

Efficiency of cleaning other materials

Thick rust layer (greater than 50μm), the cleaning efficiency of 500W pulse laser cleaning machine is 4m²/h

Thick paint layer (greater than 200μm) cleaning, using a 500W pulse laser cleaning machine, the cleaning efficiency is 2m²/h

Ordinary paint layer (50μm) cleaning, using a 500-watt pulse laser cleaning machine, the cleaning efficiency is 10m²/h

The above is the full introduction of HANTENCNC 500W Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine. For more content, please follow our YouTube:, hantencnc. If necessary, you can consult our online customer service at any time. We will provide more cleaning machine cases to introduce to you later, so stay tuned!