Top 4 Laser Source Brands for Laser Cleaning Machine

Today, HANTENCNC will not talk about laser cleaning machine equipment, and share with you the main laser brands that can be used on laser cleaning machines in China, laser source mainly including: Raycus, MAX, Reci, Celox and other brands.


Raycus is the leader of laser sources in China, with good quality and reputation, stable performance and long life, but the shortcomings are also obvious. Raycus laser source focuses on laser welding machine and laser cutting machine, laser cleaning is not its main livelihood, so the laser source is not professional for cleaning machines, downstream laser cleaning machine manufacturers do not pay attention to it, not friendly. Raycus laser source is not a very professional equipment for laser cleaning machines, but they are unwilling to change the original laserFor example, the fiber line of Raycus laser source is generally 10 meters, and the cost of adding to 15 meters is very expensive, similar to grabbing money, typical large companies do not pay attention to small market segments.


The stability and cost performance of MAX laser sourcer in 1000W power are very good, and the measured performance is better than Raycus , but MAX laser source cost performance and performance in 1500W and 2000W are not as good as Raycus. MAX has a competitive advantage in the field of low-power laser source, but has no advantages in high-power laser source.


Reci laser source is more professional, attaches great importance to the field of laser cleaning machine, can be said to be a laser brand specializing in providing laser cleaning machine, its performance is good, specializing in the field of laser cleaning. The cleaning effect is good, and the cleaning capacity is higher than that of other brands of the same power. It can provide longer fiber optic cables, which is cost-effective. But the disadvantages are also obvious, the brand influence is insufficient, the brand influence is insufficient, and the performance needs time to test.


Celox laser source in China is more cost-effective, the same power laser source is cheaper than Raycus about 10,000, but in the field of winner-take-all laser source, Celox’s market share is very low, only used as an entry-level laser cleaning machine, its advantages are obvious, the price is low. Stability and service life are not as good as the other three brands.

Of course, there are many other laser brands in China, and the mainstream laser cleaning machine brands in China use Raycus and Max. Laser sources are similar to computer CPUs, different brands are also interchangeable, Max is Raycus’ strong competitor in the field of laser cleaning, if Raycus can focus on the field of laser cleaning, there may be no other brand can match him, if Raycus as always ignores the field of laser cleaning machines, may be surpassed by Max.

This week I will share these with you, of course, all the above laser source brands HANTENCNC have enough inventory, for different customer needs also have different suggestions, there are more questions, you can contact email or WeChat, our customer service will be 24 hours for you to answer patiently.