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Laser Cutting Machines

HantenCNC is an experienced laser cutting machine manufacturer in China. Our laser cut machines can meet diverse processing needs. Laser cutting is the replacement of traditional mechanical knives with invisible beams. With the beam’s movement and the workpiece’s position, the material will eventually form a slit to achieve the purpose of cutting. So, what are the uses of laser cut machines?

  • Car
  • Advertising industry
  • Kitchen industry
  • Laser vaporization cutting
  • Fitness equipment

Why Should You Choose HantenCNC Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China?

High-precision Cutting

Our laser cutting machines may have high-precision and high-quality cutting capabilities. The equipment can achieve precise cutting by using advanced optical systems and motion control technology. Cut edges are smooth and need no further processing. It can meet the customer's demand for high-precision cutting.

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Multi-material Adaptability

As a professional China laser cutting machine supplier, our laser cut machine has a wide range of material adaptability. Whether it is carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum plate, copper, silver, titanium, or other metal materials, laser cutters can meet the cutting needs of different materials. So it can meet the requirements of various industries and applications.

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Efficient Productivity

Laser cutting equipment has fast cutting speed and efficient production capacity. Our equipment has a powerful laser source and a high-speed motion system. We have our laser cutting machine factory. So they can complete high-volume cutting tasks quickly. They also can improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

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Flexibility And Automation

HantenCNC's laser cutting equipment has flexible working modes and automation functions. They can achieve continuous and uncrewed cutting operations by configuring automation devices, such as automatic loading and unloading systems. It increases productivity and reduces manual intervention.

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How Much Are Laser Cutting Machines?

The price of a laser cut machine varies based on various factors. These include device model, power, manufacturer, and supplier. Typically, laser cutting equipment can range in price from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands.

Low-power desktop laser-cutting machines typically cost between a few thousand and ten thousand dollars. This equipment is suitable for small-scale cutting and engraving tasks. Such as individuals, small businesses, or educational institutions.

Mid-power laser cut machines cost between $10,000 and hundreds of thousands. This equipment is suitable for medium-scale production and can cope with the cutting needs of various materials. Factors determine the price difference. Such as power, cutting area size, and auxiliary functions.

High-powered industrial-grade laser cutters cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. These devices are used in mass production and have higher power and cutting speeds. They are suitable for cutting metal and other strong materials.

It should be noted that the above price range is for reference only. Actual prices may vary due to market fluctuations, regional differences, and supplier policies. If you have specific needs, it is recommended that you contact laser cutting machine companies for accurate quotations.

How to Use Laser Cutting Machines?

A laser cut machine is high-precision cutting equipment. It uses a laser beam to cut the material into the desired shape. The following is an overview of how to use a general laser cutting machine:

1. Safe Operation

Ensure understanding and adherence to the relevant safety operating procedures before operating the equipment. Wear personal protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.

2. Material Preparation

Prepare the material to be cut and place it on the workbench of the laser cutting machine. Secure as needed to ensure the material does not move during cutting.

3. Setting Parameters

Set appropriate cutting parameters according to the type and thickness of the cutting material. These parameters include laser power, cutting speed, and focal length. Usually, it can be set through the control panel of the laser cutter or corresponding software.

4. Alignment And Focus Setting

Use the initial alignment tool to align the laser beam to the desired cut location. Make sure the laser beam is in focus. It is usually achieved by adjusting the position of the cutting head or optics.

5. Start Cutting

After confirming that everything is ready, start the laser cut machine. The laser beam will begin cutting the material according to the set parameters. Make sure to keep an eye on the cutting process to make sure everything is working.

6. Finish Cutting

Wait for the cutting process to complete. Ensure the laser cutter stops working before moving or removing the cut material.

7. Subsequent Processing

It may be necessary to perform later processing on the cut material according to the needs. Such as cleaning the edge, removing residues, or treating the surface.

Note that the steps above are an overview. Actual operation may vary with different laser cutter models and manufacturers. Before using the laser cutting machine, it is recommended to read the equipment's operation manual in detail. You should follow the operation guidelines and safety recommendations the laser cutting machine supplier provided.

FAQs About Laser Cutting Machines


Laser cutting machine laser attenuation in 2-5%. Decay in the first year, and it will not decay again. Lasers leave the factory with tens of watts more power. After attenuation, it is the reported power number.

We will provide a product instruction manual when our machines are shipped. We also have professional machine training videos. Engineers can guide you online.

HANTENCNC cutting laser machine has high precision, fast speed, small thermal deformation, and a flexible process. You can tell us your material and thickness. We will do a cutting test so that you can better observe the cutting effect.

Of course. We will customize the exclusive LOGO for you free of charge according to your needs.

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