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Laser Cleaning Machines | Laser Rust Removal Manufacturer

Laser cleaning is an effective method for surface cleaning. It is suitable for cleaning stainless steel, rust removal, and paint. HANTENCNC’s laser cleaning machines and laser rust removals can efficiently meet most factories’ cleaning requirements. They suit various industries such as automotive, mold, aerospace, etc.

HANTENCNC is a professional laser cleaning machine manufacturer established in 2006. With over 19 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing laser rust removal machines, HANTENCNC offers a wide range of laser cleaners ranging from 100W to 3000W in power. Our laser cleaner collection includes portable, backpack, and trolley-type machines catering to various applications.

HANTENCNC’s laser cleaning machines are CE and FDA-certified. HANTENCNC provides a 1-year warranty, sample testing, OEM customization, remote guidance, and lifelong after-sales support.

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Laser rust removal machine has many advantages:

  • The laser rust removal tool enables precise cleaning, including location and size.
  • The clean laser machine does not require any cleaning fluid, which is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The handheld laser rust remover is easy to operate and can realize automatic cleaning.
  • The laser cleaning tool has high cleaning efficiency and saves time.

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