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FAQs About Laser Marker Machines

  • What is the service life of fiber laser?

100,000 hours.

  • What is the computer system supported by the marking software?

Win7, Win10, 32-bit/64-bit are all available.

  • How to choose the power of china laser marker?

Tell us your marking materials and requirements to our sales manager. Our sales manager will recommend you the appropriate machine according to your needs.

  • Does it support language customization?

Support. We now have Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Persian, Russian, and Thai.

  • How can I inspect the machine before shipping?

We have our own factory. When shipping, the sales manager will inspect the machine for you and send you the inspection video. If you have special needs, you can also use online videos to let you see the effect of the machine more intuitively.